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Master your kitchen space

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time. In the morning we talk here about our plans, brewing coffee, or being passionate about cooking together. However, it often occupies a little space, and the list of objects we want to store there is long. That’s why it’s very important to arrange your kitchen well.


First: define the space

Sometimes the kitchen is connected to another room, e.g. the living room or the larder. A good solution to separate this space is to use sliding systems. Within seconds, another room can be created. You will be able to neatly hide the mess in the kitchen when unexpected guests arrive in the living room. In addition to their functional features, sliding systems optically enlarge the room and create a variety of design possibilities. They can be filled with mirrors, furniture boards, and even graphics.

Second: ensure easy access to products

There are many different items in the kitchen which we need: food, dishes, pots, kitchen utensils. While cooking, it is extremely important to have easy access to the essential ingredients and utensils – it improves the preparation of meals and enhances the comfort level of the cook. Solutions such as a two-level pull-out system or a roller guide basket are perfect in these situations. They can be used both in the kitchen cupboards and in the larder.

Third: prepare the furniture for storing heavy equipment

If you are planning to store heavier equipment, or a large set of products, such as beverage welds, you should opt for more-robust baskets, such as the GTV Corner. Its overall capacity allows it to store products weighing up to 40 kilograms. An additional advantage is the silent-closing mechanism, which provides comfortable access to products. And storing heavy equipment will become much easier.

zapanuj_nad_porzadkiem_2.jpgFourth: segregate

It is also worth taking care of the orderliness inside the kitchen furniture. A good way to arrange these areas is to put a set of containers in there. They make it easier to separate out products, and also waste. The Multino binder from the GTV portfolio perfectly suits kitchens which belong to people keen on green solutions. Its three containers make it easy to sort waste into glass, paper and plastic.

Fifth: focus on space optimisation

The hardest thing to do is to maintain orderliness in the most-used areas, such as the kitchen worktops. It is worth selecting accessories which use their “mobile” properties. Instead of drying dishes on a standard dryer, put them on a draining board which is in the form of a rolled mat. When the dishes dry, you can store them in place, while freeing up plenty of free space.

If you have little space at your disposal, it is worth looking for solutions which will not only be functional, but will also help you save a lot of space. Then cooking your favourite dishes will be easier and more enjoyable, and the kitchen will stay clean and tidy.


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