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Low on space, high on comfort: how to save space in a small apartment?

Lower bills, attractive prices, lifestyle choices — there are several key reasons why a small flat has become a long-term trend. However, when you move to that “small-but-mine” home, a reality check comes next. What solutions will improve your living comfort and save you that precious floor space?


Ergonomics is becoming a decisive factor when it comes to furnishing your home. While rooms are getting smaller, space-saving is key to the comfort of their occupants. The furniture industry abounds with solutions which feature great novel functionalities when it comes to optimising living and storage spaces, and more innovations keep coming.


The kitchen is where every inch of free space counts. The work space must be manageable enough for convenient and safe cooking. It is also essential to organise the storage systems in the kitchen to easily and conveniently access everything you need when cooking. There are solutions to help you make the most of the seemingly tightest corners and the smallest floors. “An example is the Modern-Box corner drawer system for storage management in the kitchen-range corner cubicles, the space which people too often forget about. Taller pots and pans can be kept in the drawers too, since Modern Box comes in two sizes. People often do not even realise how cleverly the corner cubicles can be arranged”, says Mateusz StrzaĹ‚kowski, GTV press spokesperson. These days, ecology is the buzzword, and a topic of great concern; hence, the kitchen is required to help people 'go green'. Here, waste-bin-management trays are a solution for the convenient storage of all thee waste-segregation bins in a single container. This improves the neat finish for a clutter-free kitchen room, with the added benefit of efficient waste management. And the drawers extend to their full length for easy, unobstructed, access to those items you stow in the furthest corners.

Entrance hall

male_mieszkania_3.jpgWhen reorganising your entrance hall or hallway, it’s a good idea to organise storage space in the wall recesses which these rooms often feature. Recesses can be a problem — at first glance only, because they can easily accommodate compartments and wardrobe units with sliding doors, such as Flat Line. Flat Line provides high-capacity storage units with very little use of floor space. The sliding doors are convenient to open and close, unlike their conventional outswinging counterparts. “You need to choose the right capacity for sliding-door systems. The doors must be quiet and run smoothly, which a low-capacity solution does not provide“, says Mateusz StrzaĹ‚kowski. “It’s a good idea to consult professional designers to help you choose the right system”.

Colours matter too

Brighter wall colours are usually a good choice. All hues of grey, pastel colours, and shades of white, can optically enhance the space: your living room and kitchen will look bigger and brighter. The same goes for flooring colours: choose a single colour-and-pattern combination, and a bright one. With large windows, the floors will make the rooms more spacious, and brighter. A consistent indoor style is the key to avoid a cluttered finish.


Lights are important tools for sculpting the look of your flat. With the right lamps mounted in the right places, rooms can be made to look bigger... and lighter on your wallet! “LED lamps are nothing short of being at an all-time-high hype now. They are energy-efficient, and if skilfully arranged within the furniture, they highlight the indoor trim, adding a unique feel to the rooms”, says Mateusz StrzaĹ‚kowski.


Regardless of what you choose to make your small flat bigger and better organised, know this: small flats are big opportunities for convenient living and a broad canvas for your creativity.

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