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The TWINS aluminium LED fixture is a perfect lighting solution for offices, restaurants, SPAs and commercial spaces, where long life and low energy consumption are required.

Lighting systems for halls and warehouses are a challenge for designers and installers, who have to take their functionality and energy efficiency into account when choosing and designing lighting.

Arizona LED luminaires have been designed for industrial plants, warehouses, and sports facilities, which require an intense, reliable, and at the same time energy efficient, light source.

Omnia fixtures have been designed for underground car parks, which should be evenly illuminated to reduce darkened areas to a minimum.

A bulb, despite its classic, maybe even boring, design, can be a decorative element. A light source with filaments is a good choice when you are looking for simple solutions for interiors which you think could use a bit more character.

Achieving unusual light effects at home is becoming easier and easier. Not only can kitchen cabinets be illuminated, but also can the furniture in the living room and bedroom, creating an amazing impression of a cosy interior.

Betis fixtures create comfortable working conditions, especially in industrial spaces with goods loaded, on multilevel racks - which create narrow passages.

Empolio ceiling fixtures are perfect for staircases, corridors, technical and utility rooms, and at home for the pantry

Intense lighting can adversely affect your well-being and concentration at work. Every day for several hours we are exposed to stressors.

Lighting plays a key role in areas intended for working in, especially office work, in front of a computer. Lighting panels in interiors exposed to limited daylight must be carefully selected – especially in the autumn and winter.

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    Lighting which creates the mood

Glax profiles


Let yourself be relaxed

Achieving unusual light effects at home is becoming easier and easier. Not only can kitchen cabinets be illuminated, but also can the furniture in the living room and bedroom, creating an amazing impression of a cosy interior. We attach great importance to the effectiveness of our products, so we have made it easier for you to rest. We know how lighting builds up the mood and affects your physical and mental state. GLAX profiles are designed so that the rooms in which you spend time every day can be delicately and discreetly illuminated.

Practical use

GLAX profiles are a complement to LED tapes and strips. This functional fixture allows you not only to light up the furniture, but also protects the LED tape from peeling off, or mechanical damage. It will also help you keep the tape clean. In addition, we have used a heat sink in the GLAX profiles to protect the LED tape from rapid burnout by transferring the temperature from the LED tape to the profile.


GLAX profiles have been appreciated by practitioners and professionals for their innovation and aesthetics. The award-winning GLAX-profile models include profiles to fill in with matching edge banding, which reduces the amount of visible aluminium and allows an elegant front to be displayed.

A world of choices

The variety of shapes of the profiles will enable you to have many arrangements, allowing you to install the lighting even in the most-inaccessible places. LED profiles not only subtly illuminate interiors, but also perform a number of practical functions. The rail profile is useful in a wardrobe and dressing room for hanging and highlighting clothes. The ring profile will serve as a gripping device in handleless cabinets. The lighting effect of GLAX profiles can be freely modified on several planes by dispersing the lighting points and changing the beam angle. You decide how bright and coloured the light is - whether you want to warm it up or cool it down.
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