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We are constantly expanding our range with new products. Check out our what we have prepared have for you.

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Following the latest trends in design, we create functional products for the home and office. See what is worth having a look at.

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The TWINS aluminium LED fixture is a perfect lighting solution for offices, restaurants, SPAs and commercial spaces, where long life and low energy consumption are required.

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Lighting systems for halls and warehouses are a challenge for designers and installers, who have to take their functionality and energy efficiency into account when choosing and designing lighting.

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Arizona LED luminaires have been designed for industrial plants, warehouses, and sports facilities, which require an intense, reliable, and at the same time energy efficient, light source.

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Omnia fixtures have been designed for underground car parks, which should be evenly illuminated to reduce darkened areas to a minimum.

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A bulb, despite its classic, maybe even boring, design, can be a decorative element. A light source with filaments is a good choice when you are looking for simple solutions for interiors which you think could use a bit more character.

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Achieving unusual light effects at home is becoming easier and easier. Not only can kitchen cabinets be illuminated, but also can the furniture in the living room and bedroom, creating an amazing impression of a cosy interior.

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Architectural profiles are the latest proposal for a spectacular interior lighting. By being built in plasterboard, they are an alternative to traditional lighting and constitute a modern form of minimalist decorations in home and office.

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Betis fixtures create comfortable working conditions, especially in industrial spaces with goods loaded, on multilevel racks - which create narrow passages.

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Empolio ceiling fixtures are perfect for staircases, corridors, technical and utility rooms, and at home for the pantry

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Intense lighting can adversely affect your well-being and concentration at work. Every day for several hours we are exposed to stressors.

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Lighting plays a key role in areas intended for working in, especially office work, in front of a computer. Lighting panels in interiors exposed to limited daylight must be carefully selected – especially in the autumn and winter.

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Convenient and fast access to the product catalogue.

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Current overview of our product range, including detailed technical data, enriched with trends, advice and inspirations.

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Database of product images and detailed pictures.

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Detailed technical data of our products.

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Our products meet all the legal requirements of the European Union, which is confirmed by affixing the CE marking on them. Thus, the declaration allows free movement of our goods on the European market.

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We present to you our database of photometric files, to support lighting designing for buildings.

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Meet our sales representatives, who are eager to assist You in finding the appropriate products to suit your needs.

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Conditions for filing complaints and product returns.

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GTV electrical and electronic products meet the requirements of the directives and regulations implementing the directives into national law.

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As our Partner you receive full marketing support. We care about branding, points of sale, and sales space: we create showrooms, and deliver displays, POS materials, catalogues and many other forms of support.

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We cooperate with manufacturers of furniture fittings, decorative accessories and LED lighting. Leave your contact information, and we will get in touch with you.

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Would you like to know more about our business? Here you will find the most up-to-date information on our activities – fairs, product premieres, prizes.

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    From idea to implementation


At GTV we appreciate the importance of little things, which is why we take care of details on the micro and macro scales. Polish technological thought is equally important to us, which is why we have created and developed our own Research-and-Development Department. This is a place where a group of talented specialists implement cutting-edge and innovative projects - and this is where our new products come into being.
New product ideas

New product ideas

The skills, experience and professional intuition of our designers suggest what new applications, combinations and improvements we can still seek. New product lines are created in response to market demand and changing trends. The idea for a new model is the effect of the synergy of the work of sales staff, product managers and designers.


It is the knowledge and skills of the designers who turn an elusive idea into a technologically feasible product. It is necessary to select the right material, design wall thicknesses, perform strength calculations, and precisely define all the required parameters. Support for people is provided by new technologies – eg. specialised 3D-design software; with their participation, the model of the new product is transformed into construction and technological documentation.


The prototype of the new product is first created as a model in a 3D printer - in this way it is possible to thoroughly check individual elements, their fitting and overall design or to carry out preliminary tests. If everything works perfectly, then the project is put into production. We manufacture our products in subcontractors’ factories all over the world, using many technologies, while samples of new products are carefully checked and tested.


Our products are certified to stringent European standards by independent research institutes. Quality control of our assortment takes place at several levels, which guarantees the unvarying quality of supplied products.
Quality standards

Quality standards

Our products are certified to stringent European standards by independent research institutes. Quality control of our assortment takes place at several levels, which guarantees the unvarying quality of supplied products.

Awards and distinctions

Work, the knowledge and experience of personnel, combined with high-quality components and attention to the final results of workmanship, are all guarantees of success. That is why our products have been awarded many prestigious prizes, such as the MTP Gold Medal, the Diamond of Furniture Industry and the Dobry Wzór (Good Design) prize of the Institute of Industrial Design.
Awards and distinctions

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